It’s no secret. I love to paint leaves.

Do you love autumn? Do crisp, sunny days, cool nights, and the rustle of leaves falling from trees make you feel all warm and cozy?

There’s just something magical about autumn, isn’t there?

Magic in the leaves

It started in October, 2008 with a small red leaf. I came home with it and immediately painted its portrait in oil. Didn’t plan to — it just happened.


Since then, every autumn is a frenzy of leaf gathering and painting. It’s impossible for me to take a walk and not return with a handful of leaves. There are leaves everywhere in the studio. I dry some of them in heavy books. I’ve become familiar with which varieties dry well and which ones wither.

My obsession turns into delicate oil paintings on paper. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I love painting them.

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Enjoy autumn’s beauty throughout the year.

You may be wondering if I paint anything else. I do. Woman cannot live by leaf alone!

Nature is my muse. Its charms are my inspiration. Birds, fish, flowers, vegetables, are all part of my repertoire.

Stay tuned. This is only the beginning.

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