Lighthearted art

Does the news stress you out?


Ugh. It totally stresses me out, so I try and avoid it. (But it finds me anyhow.)


So, I create art that’s calming — a haven in a world of chaos.


If my works soothe me, I’m confident they’ll do the same for you.


Whether drawing, painting an abstract, a bird, or a botanical, I’m all about quiet calm. It’s not intentional — simply happens that way.

Born this way

Wish I had an exciting story to tell you about how ART and I found each other. The truth is, I grew up with a pencil in my hand. Literally.


ART kept me company. It became my identity.


The answer was never “artist” to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”


Why would I want to be an artist if I already was one? Was that even a job?


My answer was “architect” or “fashion designer.”


Quite by accident, I started working as a graphic designer.


I never stopped drawing and painting, but it was a hobby.


Now, my childhood identity has come back.


Because I was born this way.


A few fun tidbits

  • I’ve lived in five houses on the same street — one twice, years apart.
  • I love to make a dinner of all appetizers (here’s my cookbook.)
  • My favorite movie is Cocteau’s 1942 masterpiece, “La Belle et la Bête” (Beauty and the Beast.)
  • Every fall, when the leaves change color, there was leaf-painting frenzy in my studio
  • But it may be over
  • I have no willpower when it comes to popcorn. Zero willpower.