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Board games and giggles

“Mommy, I’m bored.” What mom hasn’t heard that? When my daughter was little, I made up “board” games to play with her. I quickly sketched something out on scrap pieces of paper, and we played. Over and over. She’d giggle, and demand, “Again!” Nothing fancy, but loads of fun. It doesn’t take much to please a little kid. It’s not […]

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Mushroom Cultivation

Inspiration Where does inspiration come from? What influences us? Why are we drawn to certain subjects? And why do we save certain things? Recently, I decided to reread some books in my personal library. And I’ve kept a few beloved books from childhood. “The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet,” by Eleanor Cameron is one of them. A literary treasure […]

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Smiley face

Art that became an icon. Don’t you just love the Smiley face? A simple little smiling round face became a huge world-wide icon. And it all started with a small job for a commercial artist. The State Mutual Life Assurance Company of Worcester, Massachusetts needed to boost employee morale. So they turned to art. Good decision! They hired Harvey Ball […]

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Vintage Valentine Cards

A “blast from the past.” I’m sentimental. And so I’ve kept a few things. Random things. (#sorrynotsorry Marie Kondo) Pictured are my vintage valentine cards. Old? Yes. (Let’s not discuss exactly how old!) Charming? Definitely. Funny? Yes. Art? Absolutely. “I’m hunting for you, Valentine!” “I’ve been looking for a Valentine like you — why not string along with me?” “If […]

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