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Classic blue

Pantone’s 2020 color of the year

Classic blue — the choice seemed underwhelming. At first. But then I thought about it in terms of my own painting. 
I realized, there’s always blue on my palette. Especially a shade like “Classic blue.” And with blue’s friends yellow, red, green, and white, I can mix the most glorious shades of turquoise. (Or aqua, if you prefer to call it.) Assorted shades of green and teal appear, as well as glorious purples and violets.
How could I paint without it? Using the basics — blue, red, and yellow — I can mix any color. With a little extra help from black and white of course.
Classic blueClassic blue


But aside from my personal art-making preferences using classic blue, here’s the thing.

Now, I can guarantee many of my friends outside of creative fields have no idea what Pantone even is. Why would they? But Pantone’s choice will be seen in housewares and fashion and pretty much anything that’s designed and trendy. So even though people may not be familiar with the company, they’ll see the color around for a while.

There’s no drama with “Classic blue.” It’s blue. That’s all. Blue. It’s a safe and reliable color. Who doesn’t like a plain old shade of blue? (Unlike 2019’s “Living Coral,” a sumptuous and exciting color, and one of my favorites. But one, I’m pretty sure, not suited to every taste.)

Which may be Pantone’s point

A new decade.

The world is in turmoil. Our climate is changing, the future unpredictable, and sorry, but sort of scary.
Plus, given recent world events, most of us are apprehensive. And not in a good way. In an uncertain future, we need stability and strength. Comfort.

Classic blue delivers.

Don’t we all love blue? It surrounds us — the color of the sea and the sky — one of nature’s basic colors. And blue plays nice with other colors in the world. A perfect companion. Always around. Dependable and loyal. Ever changing, yet consistent.

Like the sky.

(And also like my palette.)

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