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A decade-long love affair

September, 2009

A love affair begins. It was a pleasant, sunny morning. A perfect day to enjoy a walk and admire colorful autumn foliage. I’d never driven somewhere in the country to go “leaf peeping” but I enjoyed watching the trees change color. Who wouldn’t? It’s gorgeous.

So that day, I walked and admired the colors of the many varieties of trees on my street. On the way home, I picked up a vibrant red leaf that was on the sidewalk in front of me.

And then, once home, without thinking, I painted it, as if possessed. (My oil paints were out, luckily.) The process seemed robotic and effortless. Like an out-of-body experience. It was weird.

It wasn’t a particularly exciting leaf. However, that painting became my “first dollar.” You know how people display the first dollar they made? Well, that was the first leaf I painted. And so began my decade-long love affair with leaf portraits. (Friends and family endured my obsession. Read about it here.)

The evolution of my leaf painting (“first dollar” is the red one.)

love affair

As a result, I became ambitious and painted a couple of collections. Here’s one.

love affair

And so on through the years. Sometimes painting on wood.

love affair

In 2016, I discovered a paper which renewed my love affair with passion.

(My beloved Arches oil painting paper.)

The leaves seemed to lay on the paper as if newly fallen. I was smitten. (Limited few prints still available in the shop.)

love affair

Here’s a favorite from 2017. You can see the lovely torn edges of the paper.
love affair

Is it weird that I sometimes remember the tree or street where I found a certain leaf?

Here’s a recent one. Could it be the last? Quite possibly.

love affair

Somehow, I’m not as excited as I once was. Has my love affair waned?

Only 2019 will tell.



2 thoughts on “A decade-long love affair

  1. Your autumn leaf paintings are beautiful and you have a wonderful talent … I truly hope the passion isn’t over … maybe next autumn will inspire you all over again??? I hope so, your leaves somehow make the world a more bright happy place where nature rules!! Your little birds are the same!!

    1. I’ll think back on your sweet comment when autumn comes. Nature presents leaves to me differently each year, so I must keep an open mind and carry on! Thank you for visiting, Lesley. (The birds are equally grateful!)

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