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Ginger lemon tea

Move over Cayenne.

For years now I’ve been drinking warm water with lemon and cayenne first thing every morning.
Sometimes it’s just too spicy. I tried a concoction with apple cider vinegar. But no. Not for me.

Ginger in the cup.

I’ve never been a big fan of ginger. Sure I like gingerbread cookies but that’s about it. But I like to give things a second chance. Except scallops (sorry scallops.)

So I decided to try something new — hot water with ginger and lemon. Delicious! Tasty. Subtle. Soothing.

Tomorrow morning Cayenne will have to stay in the spice drawer while my new friend, Ginger and I have a little detox.

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10 thoughts on “Ginger lemon tea

  1. Ani,

    I really need to work on doing a blog post like this. Beautiful photograghy, short copy said in a lovely way. Boom! Perfection. I so loved it! ♡

    Ginger is a big fave of mine. Love the tang and the invigorating aroma. In Jamaica, they have a drink called ginger beer. It’s a non-alcholilic drink made with ginger, water, sugar and lime juice, soooooo good! And then if I can get the hubs to make some jerk chicken too, oh man! Delish!

    1. So nice of you to say, Nancy! It was hard not to take a sip before taking the photo! Ginger beer doesn’t sound all that different from this. Yum!

  2. I love that spoon…
    I’ve been drinking something similar, I haven’t tried honey in my lemon-ginger tea, and I love it. It’s all I can manage sometimes in the morning. Lemons were never a staple in my fridge, but now it is. I just love Mayi’s recipes and I’m even going to try the “sushi” rolls.

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