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I painted Harriet, but she looked confused, squinting at me, almost.

So I gave her a pair of cool glasses.

(She tried on several colors, but we both agreed these were the most flattering.)


Harriet wanted to go places with me, but how could I take her?

She was on a canvas and in my computer.

Stuck, if you will. Bored.

What to do?


So I put her on a tote bag!

Now she goes anywhere with me.

And she’s so happy because with her new glasses, Harriet can see everything!


Plus she’s always eager to help.

She can tote lots of things — books, groceries, an extra sweater, whatever you want her too.

And doesn’t even mind staying in the car. Waiting and ready, in case I need her for something.

Sure, she looks a little bewildered. She’s still adjusting to her new glasses! (Probably always will. Shh! Please don’t tell her.)

Harriet tote


Then, one day, she saw me wearing a t-shirt.

And was quite demanding. Wouldn’t stop pestering me until I put her on a t-shirt too.

Now, she has a great view when someone’s wearing her.

Not too thrilled with laundry though. But I suppose it’s like a birdbath in some ways. (Haha.)

Harriet t-shirt

Harriet t-shirt


Oh, and she demanded her own Instagram account, so you can say hello there.



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