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Leave it to me

Walking with me in the fall requires patience.

The whole time I’m walking, I’m scanning the ground for the perfect fallen leaf.

This can be difficult while walking briskly, but I do it anyway.

Here’s how it goes when I’m with a friend.

“Sorry. One sec.”

Stop. Bend. Pick up leaf. Scan quickly. Toss or keep. Continue walking.

(I like certain neighborhood routes for the best variety. Because I enjoy variety.)

And then my friend starts getting into it. And starts looking too.

I usually have a huge wad of leaves by the time the walk is over. (They will not all survive.)

Timing is everything.

Leaves change color and start drying up almost instantly.

Maybe I can paint right away when I get home to my studio.

But if not, there’s always another perfect leaf waiting for me on my next walk.

Leave it to me





6 thoughts on “Leave it to me

  1. Absolutely Stunning Ani!
    I too love the colors of fall. The hues are so warm, rich, and vibrant.
    The other fun is the sound of the leaves crunching underfoot as you walk.

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