My new favorite drink.

Move over Cayenne.

For months now I’ve been drinking warm water with lemon and cayenne first thing every morning.
Sometimes it’s just too spicy. I tried a concoction with apple cider vinegar. But no. Not for me.

Ginger in the cup.

I’ve never been a big fan of ginger. Sure I like gingerbread cookies but that’s about it. But I like to give things a second chance. Except scallops (sorry scallops.) So decided to try Mayi Carles’ detox tonic with ginger, lemon, and honey. Delicious! Tasty. Subtle. Soothing. Tomorrow morning Cayenne will have to stay in the spice drawer while my new friend, Ginger and I have a little detox.

Life is Messy Kitchen

Life is Messy Kitchen

If you haven’t seen Mayi Carles’ Life is Messy Kitchen, do it now!
Go. Now.
You will smile.
And giggle.
And see the cutest thing on the internet.
You will fall in love.





10 Responses to life is messy kitchen

  1. Ani,

    I really need to work on doing a blog post like this. Beautiful photograghy, short copy said in a lovely way. Boom! Perfection. I so loved it! ♡

    Ginger is a big fave of mine. Love the tang and the invigorating aroma. In Jamaica, they have a drink called ginger beer. It’s a non-alcholilic drink made with ginger, water, sugar and lime juice, soooooo good! And then if I can get the hubs to make some jerk chicken too, oh man! Delish!

    • So nice of you to say, Nancy! It was hard not to take a sip before taking the photo! Ginger beer doesn’t sound all that different from Mayi’s detox tonic. Yum!

  2. I love that spoon…
    I’ve been drinking something similar, I haven’t tried honey in my lemon-ginger tea, and I love it. It’s all I can manage sometimes in the morning. Lemons were never a staple in my fridge, but now it is. I just love Mayi’s recipes and I’m even going to try the “sushi” rolls.

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