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Mushroom Cultivation


Where does inspiration come from? What influences us? Why are we drawn to certain subjects? And why do we save certain things?

Recently, I decided to reread some books in my personal library. And I’ve kept a few beloved books from childhood. “The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet,” by Eleanor Cameron is one of them. A literary treasure on my bookshelf. From long-ago grade school.

Why did I save that book and only a few others? I must have read a variety of books. The imaginative fantasy of the science fiction story spoke to my creative side. I was in a homemade rocket ship with two boys, going to the mushroom planet. It was an adventure. A “wonderful” one.

mushroom cultivationCreativity

Sometimes, creativity eludes even the most creative people. When this happens to me, I look to the past. I tinker. I look at old notebooks from long ago to see what inspired me then. I look within. I look at my old artwork and writing. See what’s on my bookshelves and in my cabinets. I explore the familiar. And then my creativity returns and I can get back to it. (Going for a walk helps too!)

Mushroom cultivation

I love to draw and paint mushrooms. When I saw this book again recently, I decided that it must be the reason why. One reason anyway. It makes sense. What else can it be?

So thank you Eleanor Cameron (1912–1996) for writing this wonderful book. A work of art. And thank you to Robert Henneberger (1921–1999) for the charming artwork on the cover and throughout. The pages in my book are yellow with age and falling out. But that makes it even more precious to me.

Art is everywhere. All around. We just have to find it.





6 thoughts on “Mushroom Cultivation

  1. I absolutely love this discussion of creativity and the truth of its sometimes elusive nature.

    For me, to get the muse back, it’s definitely about the walks.

  2. Hi Ani — I love how you shared a glimpse of your creative process! I also look to the past for inspiration — my journal is a big source of inspiration for me! I looked through one just recently and found 3 words that are now incorporated into the work that I do in my business.

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