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My 34-year old piece of watercolor paper

Here I am writing about my 34-year old piece of watercolor paper in a way I could never have imagined then. Not in a million years. 

Who could have envisioned the World Wide Web 34 years ago? (No one, except maybe Tim Berners-Lee.)


The future founders of Google were finishing up elementary school.

Madonna was “Crazy for You,” and Hall and Oats were “Out of Touch.” Sade was a “Smooth Operator,” and Stings advice? “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free.” And Katrina and the Waves were “Walking on Sunshine.”

(That concludes my nostalgic 80s musical interlude.)

So, back to business.

How did I find out that Twinrocker handmade paper even existed?
Was it recommended by one of my art teachers? Was there an ad somewhere? Did I have a catalog? (There must have been a catalog.) 

Wish I could remember, but I don’t.

Postal delivery

It arrived wrapped in thick brown kraft paper, with the edges folded and taped for extra security. Like a giant makeshift envelope. Inside was a sturdy piece of watercolor paper, a little bigger than a letter. It featured four deckled edges.

Four. Beautifully feathered. Deckled edges.

I’d never seen a sheet of paper as beautiful.
But, the paper scared me. So I put it away.

For 34 years

It moved with me twice. And stayed tucked away in its kraft paper protection.
I visited the paper a few times during those 34 years. And then wrapped it back up. Still scary.

“One of these days.” I promised myself.

The wait is over

For several years, I’ve been in an exclusive relationship with oil painting. Lately, I’ve discovered, or rather, re-discovered watercolors. And using nice papers for my rekindling, like Arches for instance.

I was on a watercolor roll.
So I figured it was time.

I unwrapped my 34-year old piece of watercolor paper, and got to work.
It didn’t seem so scary anymore.

And now, 34 years later, there’s a painting.
With four, beautifully feathered, deckled edges.


My 34-year old piece of watercolor paper is now a painting

Is the paper tinged with a little yellow from being surround by kraft paper for 34 years? Sure. So what. 
Still, it didn’t detract from the amazing painting experience.

Well worth waiting for.
Best paper. Ever.

Thanks, Twinrocker.








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