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Painting birds

It started with scraps.

A few years ago I discovered Arches oil painting paper. And it was the perfect match for my painting style. I started buying big sheets and tearing them up to paint my autumn leaves

Sometimes I’d have little pieces of paper left over. Well, I was not about to waste these precious bits of expensive paper! So I painted little bits of nature — leaves, pods, whatever was tiny. And birds too! Because I’ve always loved them. I mean, who doesn’t love birds?

I kept painting birds. Lots of birds. 

And painted them in oils, watercolors, gouache and in acrylics. Whatever I was working with. 

They started having more personality. Some nice people even started naming them!
Here’s Marigold:

Painting birds


And because I also love painting on wood  … 


Painting birds

So, 2020. The weirdest year of our collective lives. 

Such a good looking number, 2020.
Pretty to look at. Fun to write. Still sort of fresh in the new millennium.
There was hope for the year, and the start of a new decade.

But it wasn’t meant to be.

It’s not always easy to remain calm in 2020. One or two horrible headlines, and “calm” is out the window. 

The birds help, though. As I said, instantly uplifting.

Which is why I created “Birds of Love”

A sweet way to send love, hugs, and cheer, to friends and family.

Instant happiness via a bird.

Painting birds



Send love. Send happiness.

With a bird to say, “Hey there, thinking of you!
(Or, adopt a bird for yourself.)

Lovingly painted by me in acrylic on archival paper.

Birds are tucked away safely in an envelope.
Complete with their very own “bird certificate.” And a personal note from sender.  

Painting birds


Imagine the sweet cheep, chirp, twitter, and tweet of birdsong.

Isn’t it an instantly uplifting sound?

Instant happiness via a bird. 


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