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Pantone’s choice

Every year Pantone chooses a color of the year. How do they decide? Pantone studies recent trends and moods in design, fashion and home goods. After that, they select a color, which will influence those areas of production for some time. Pantone’s choice for 2019 is “living coral.” (Click here for Pantone’s announcement.)

Pantone’s choice is popping up everywhere.

Some years I’m excited about Pantone’s color of the year. This is one of those years (2016 was another.) I’m all in. Why? Because a color similar to “living coral,” has been the accent color on paperandlens.com since the beginning. Look at the top of this page. See? I’m already a fan. While not exact, the color is close enough to Pantone’s choice and makes me happy. (It doesn’t take much.)

(However, that’s not all. This luscious, dreamy, and sexy color reminds me of ultra-cool 1960s movies. (Why? Who knows. It just does.)

Coming up (Pantone) roses.

So, I was recently in a local supermarket, buying a few essentials. This particular market has an excellent floral department. It’s near the front, and as soon as you enter, you can’t help but notice the flowers. (And if you’ve been anywhere near me, or on my Instagram, you know I can’t resist flowers. Who can?) I immediately noticed a vase full of tall spray roses. They were selling by the stem, with several buds on each stem. Glorious.

Pantone’s choice for color of 2019. See how Pantone is coming up roses.

Once something is in your radar, it seems to be everywhere.

Any rose is beautiful. It’s true. A flower representing love and passion, among other things. Gorgeous layers unfolding until the rose wilts. How symbolic. (And with luck, they smell nice too.)

I spotted the roses. Which, as roses, of course, were lovely. But what made me buy a stem, was the color. Pantone’s color of the year — “living coral” — as a rose.

Would I have bought them if they were white, or yellow, or any other color? Probably not. I already had some pretty white spray roses in the house. And some tulips, so I certainly didn’t need to be buying more flowers. But who can resist a Pantone rose?

“Living coral” works for me.

What about you? Do you like Pantone’ choice?


2 thoughts on “Pantone’s choice

  1. Absolutely luscious color. I would buy the single stem just for the color as I too am reminded of the 60’s when this color seemed everywhere. Coats, suits, jumpsuits, A-line dresses, mini-skirts, and so much more. Stewardess uniforms were sometimes in this color or when Pucci created the multi-color beauties worn by Southwest Airline attendants.

    Coral is a great color any year.

    1. Hi Marian. I love everything about the 60s and 70s. I often joke that if time travel were available, I’d go back shopping. Maybe pick up a Pucci dress or scarf! Thank you so much for visiting.

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