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Perfume Bottles


When we moved to a smaller place, after a long time in a house, I had to get rid of a ton of things we didn’t need. Literally. Two garage sales. Old tins? Bye bye. Disney videos? (Yes, videos.) Gone. Furniture? Craigslist. Clothing? Goodwill. Boxes and boxes of miscellaneous “stuff” donated. On and on.

It seemed like a never-ending, 4-month ordeal.

But some things I could never say goodbye to. Some things have memories. And have to stay with me until the end. (A little morbid sounding, but true.)

On the shelf

Why did these beautiful little perfume bottles stay with me? Why do they sit on my shelf?



My father, back in the day, brought my mother and me an assortment of miniature perfume bottles when he came home from a trip. He had a knack for picking the best ones. And they were French. Always. The ones on the left, Cabochard and Bleu de France, were mine. The ones on the right were my mother’s. I loved Bleu de France so much that on another trip, he brought me a big bottle. I still have it and use it sparingly. I just stopped mid-sentence to put a dab under my nose so I can smell it while writing!

He’s gone now. But when I look at my little perfume bottles, I think of my father giving us these tiny perfume bottles and smiling. He was a big man and he picked out these charming little perfumes just for us. No garage sale tag for these babies. No way.

Little works of art

Each little bottle is a work of art. Someone designed every detail of each bottle. Each is a special design for its brand, with a unique shape, distinct fonts and logos. (As a designer and artist, I totally get how this is not an easy task!) An expert perfumer formulated the scent. A little cap sits on top of each to seal in the special fragrance. They are not merely bottles, but works of art. Perfect little works of art.

And so they sit. On my shelf. Little old bottles. Art. History. Their own, and mine.

Look around

Little bits of art and design. Charming. Inspiring. Memorable. Even a tiny bottle has a design. An art to it. Reminding me that art is all around us. Even a small piece of glass can have beauty and meaning if you just look for it. If you think about it. If you appreciate it.

Look around. What do you see? What do you have that recalls a special time? A day. A moment. Or a special person in your life.

Enjoy your memories. And create new ones. It’s what life is made of.





6 thoughts on “Perfume Bottles

  1. What a lovely post, Ani! When I look around, I see a beautiful hand mirror that was my mother’s and I’m instantly transported back in time, just like magic!

  2. Beautiful and heartwarming post Ani! My parents were antique collectors and my favorite antique is an old wagon dating back to the early 1900’s…It sits in my bedroom filled with buckets of my paper flowers and serves as a reminder of so many great memories:)

    1. Michelle, what a nice container for your beautiful paper flowers! Could that be a future cover of your lovely magazine?

  3. This is just beautiful! After a dear friend of our family passed away, my then-8 year old daughter picked out a candle of hers to keep. It wasn’t anything really unique, and there was no special memory attached to it, but my daughter said it was beautiful and that looking at it just reminded her of her aunt. It sits on a shelf in her room and makes her smile. 🙂

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