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  • tropical-art

    Tango Twist

    Dancing to a tropical tune. Flora intertwined in a tropical dance. I…
  • tropical-art

    Blu Spark

    The painting that launched a collection. An expanse of bright, cheery orange…
  • tropical-art

    Red Hot

    Vivid bold colors play together. My most daring background color yet. Why…
  • tropical-art

    Rhythm and Blues

    Colors co-existing in harmony. Coming together and complementing one another. Isn't that…
  • tropical-art

    Midnight Dance

    Dancing in the dark. A lively party erupting on canvas — colors…
  • tropical-art

    In the Pink

    A pink leaf surprises the party. Unexpected colors are so much fun!…
  • tropical art

    Swing Time

    Can you hear the music? Flora dance and sway together effortlessly in…