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Very Peri – 2022 Pantone Color of the Year

One of my all-time favorite shades is this year’s choice. Very Peri – 2022 Pantone Color of the Year isn’t for everyone. So many people don’t enjoy purple. And this particular shade is an unusual one.

Last year I ignored the Pantone color of the year. Actually there were two — Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, an insipid yellow. Grey (my preferred spelling,) is perfection to me. So many shades, and with endless combination possibilities. Representative, I suppose of 2020’s somber mood. But, I wanted to ignore that mood! Didn’t everyone? Maybe if the yellow had been sunnier, living up to its moniker? So I didn’t write about last year’s colors except for a quick Instagram reel.

Very Peri

Not so thrilled with the name, I mean would it be too strenuous to use the full name — periwinkle. Say that out loud. Periwinkle. Doesn’t the word make you happy? So why abbreviate? Peri. Um, no. And what’s with “very?’’ An unnecessary addition, if you ask me. Very unnecessary. (Sorry, Pantone.)


Doesn’t that sound better? Okay, rant over. Let’s move on to the important stuff.

Despite my critique of its name, I adore Very Peri

“Very Peri is a new color whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.’’Pantone

For the first time in many years, Pantone has formulated a new color. It represents a future in the new world we’re living in as we emerge from the darkness of the last couple of years.

“Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri, Embraces Strangeness’’

Vogue’s headline describes the color so well. A little bit science fiction, right?

In a good way.

Sure, Pantone says it’s a new color. But my palettes disagree. I’ve accidentally mixed a similar periwinkly color many times.

I can’t understand how a color can be new or invented. They exist in nature already, don’t they?

Anyway, Very Peri is a gorgeous color which makes me happy. And isn’t that what’s important right now?

Flashback to 2020

Back then, which seems like a lifetime ago, the color was Classic Blue, and this what I wrote.

“The world is in turmoil. Our climate is changing, the future unpredictable, and sorry, but sort of scary.

Plus, given recent world events, most of us are apprehensive. And not in a good way. In an uncertain future, we need stability and strength. Comfort.’’

Looking back, it feels like a creepy premonition. Who knew what was to come? (Read the post here.)

Eerie, right?

Very Peri — 2022 Pantone Color of the Year

So, what do you think? “Yes!’’ or, “Yuk, I hate it.’’

Comment below and let me know!


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