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Vintage Valentine Cards

A “blast from the past.”

I’m sentimental.

And so I’ve kept a few things. Random things. (#sorrynotsorry Marie Kondo)

Pictured are my vintage valentine cards. Old? Yes. (Let’s not discuss exactly how old!)
Charming? Definitely. Funny? Yes. Art? Absolutely.

“I’m hunting for you, Valentine!”

“I’ve been looking for a Valentine like you — why not string along with me?”

“If I looked through the whole universe, I’d never find a nicer Valentine.”

“Just whizzing by to say — have a happy Valentine’s day!”

And my favorite: “You suit my palette, Valentine!”

It’s not likely that I thought these quite as charming while in Mrs. Rooney’s third grade class. Because back then, they were commonplace. Nothing exciting. No big deal. Maybe even a little embarrassing in some cases? Now they are my little treasures of printed paper. Delightful reminders of an innocent time.

Why I saved cards from third grade only is a mystery. What happened to the first, second, fourth, and fifth grade cards? I’ll never know. But I’m grateful that I have these vintage valentine cards to inspire me.

I can just imagine artists drawing and coloring these in a Mad Men-esque studio, one after another. Copywriters adding the words. Bosses putting in their two cents. And off to the printers. Art for masses of children.

Vintage valentine cards.

Art and charm from the past.





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